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The Autism Reality Experience is designed to give participants a virtual experience of living with autism. This is a very practical, hands on experience that gives participants a greater insight into autism and helps us see the world from an autistic person’s perspective. This
experience is suitable for professionals working in health and social care at all levels as well as family members or informal carers who want to have a better understanding of autism. The experience lasts for three hours. It is important that all participants are available for the whole duration of the session.

The following outcomes are covered:

- A virtual experience of autism
- Time for feedback and reflection on own responses/behaviour during the experience
- Sensory sensitivities – our seven senses and how they can be affected by autistic

spectrum conditions.
- Strategies to support people with sensory processing difficulties
- How to identify anxiety in someone with autism
- Strategies to alleviate anxieties for people with autism (including the use of TEACCH)
- Exploring the use of sensory items
- Environmental considerations for someone with autism
- An introduction to behaviours that can challenge
- Techniques to manage behaviours that can challenge
- How to access support and advice from other organisations such as the National
Autistic Society.

For more information please feel free to contact us at 1-855-266-5273


Requirements for the Autism Reality Experience


The Autism Reality Experience is suitable for anyone whether you are a relative of an autistic person or working in a professional capacity. If you are interested in the Autism Reality Experience coming to your organisation we can bring our specially designed mobile unit. You can book via our website or by contacting one of our team members.

Who should book the A.R.E?

The Autism Reality Experience is suitable for everyone including families and professionals. 

This training course is ideal for businesses such as: Health and Social Care Providers, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Police, Fire, Councils, Shopping Centres, doctors surgeries and many more.

For further information please contact our customer care team.

The Autism Reality Experience is an innovative, hands on training session which has been developed to give people an experience of the sensory processing difficulties faced by people on the autism spectrum.  Simulation training has been proven to be a highly effective way to engage people in learning and not only do they come away from the training having learned new skills and techniques, the experience and what they learn from it stays with them. 


The experience is fully immersive, interactive and a must for anyone who is involved in supporting people on the autism spectrum

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During the Experience

Sensory processing difficulties are very common among people on the autism spectrum and this can have a profound impact on a person's ability to manage with day to day living.  The experience itself enables you to experience what sensory overload can be like by the use of specialist equipment and a simulated environment.  You will be required to carry our some basic tasks as well as manage the effects of sensory overload. Your actions and behaviours during your experience will be carefully monitored and analysed by one of our specially trained facilitators. This valuable insight and feedback can really help people understand the sensory processing difficulties and furthermore, know how to make positive changes and improve outcomes.

The De-Brief

The de-brief is an important part of the session where you will get the chance to reflect on your experience and learn from it.  Everything regarding the autism relaity experience will be explained fully. Delegates will also get the chance to explore strategies and techniques which can help improve care and support. 

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 8.33.31 PM.png

Option 1: Expo Style - Taster

This will have a shortened experience to give a glimpse. This is best suited for large groups of 20 or more. Participants would go through the experience in pairs at a rate of approx. 8 / hour. The experience will allow people to feel first hand the physical and emotional effects of sensory overload. The result will be a deeper understanding of someone's needs and often a more empathetic approach. 

Expo Style 6hr: $750

Expo Style 8hr: $900


Option 2: Sensory Course - 12 / Class - 4HR

This will have the full version of the experience. Participants will go through in pairs then make their way to a designated classroom / meeting place. We will then discuss each persons experience and how they affected then lead into a 3 hour interactive lesson on the sensory systems and how they are affected in someone with autism, how we can identify sensory needs, and talk about strategies in their daily lives working or living with someone with autism or sensory needs.

(classrooms available)

Sensory Course: $1200


Option 3: Back-2-Back Sensory Course - 2 Classes ( 12 / Class )

Same as Option 2 but run one after the other allowing a total of 24 participants in one day reducing the individual cost. This option will start in the morning wrapping up in the evening.

Back-2-Back Sensory Course: $1200


Option 4: RWA + ARE – School Presentation + A.R.E. 6hr Expo

We also offer a special in conjunction with Racing With Autism.

Best suited for schools or events. We have delivered the RWA school presentation to a wide variety of audiences with rave reviews. It's an inspirational story of Austin Riley's journey of breaking down barriers to become the world's first Professional Race Car Driver with Autism as told by both himself and his father Jason. We follow this up with a 6HR Expo Style A.R.E. for teachers, parents, employees. 

RWA + ARE: $1000 

Cancelation Policy:

All bookings are subject to our 1-week cancellation policy.  If you need to cancel or reschedule your event then as long as you give us at least one week’s notice, your deposit will be refunded or transferred to your new reservation, whichever you prefer.

Rescheduling your reservation will be treated the same as cancelling the original date and booking a new date.



Sensory Course Pricing:

single course: $750

back-to-back : $1200

*All bookings are subject to a return travel fee of $1 / km from Pickering, ON. 

( First 200kms are free ). A $150 overnight fee will be applied to any booking which is over 200 kms from Pickering, ON.*